About Us

What We Are

This program is for motivated students who want to take control of of their careers — even before they start.
We aim to reinforce the lessons students have learned at UCSC and give students some solid professional skills and a resume line item to take into the world after graduation.
If you’re a self starter, if you’re unafraid to make connections, to build your network and hone your skills, we’re here for you.

How It Works

Look around the site, and read up on the companies involved. If you see a position that interests you, apply. The form emails your potential future boss and BCC the program admins. If you get a ping back from the employer, set up an interview. Ask questions, figure out if this is something you want to do.If you get an offer, we’ll refer you on to our faculty allies to get you credit for your time. About half of these internships are paid.

You’re going to be working in fast-paced, creative, growing businesses and it’s up to you to balance that experience with your other classes and work requirements. Most interns put in about 10 hours a week at their job sites working on everything from User Experience and database coding to marketing, social media management and even environmental remediation and chemistry. We have lots of cool places to work.

To reinforce the lessons learned on the job, we’ve set up a bi- weekly speakers series featuring executives and founders speaking on topics like scaling & exit strategies, resource & software development, funding, financing, community building and strategy.

We have bankers and lawyers, VCs and inventors, CEOs and directors of companies both small and large. These are good people to know, and they have good lessons to impart. Check the blog for write-ups on some of the topics we’ve covered. And some of the talented and connected people that have volunteered their time to make this program successful: Folks from Apple, from SVB, from the City Council, from Ecology Action.

Become a part of this incredible opportunity…

Companies in and around Santa Cruz know that UCSC hosts a plethora of talent with a huge resource pool of bright minds. PIE focuses on bringing together local companies and motivated individuals together, placing students in high-tech and green-tech startups.

Along with providing you with an internship opportunity, PIE provides an excellent resource to network and develop your passion for innovation and entrepreneurism. Throughout your internship, PIE will host a number of speakers, ranging from CEO’s to Venture Capital investors. PIE offers the opportunity for you to start taking the steps toward becoming a successful entrepreneur.

There are many reasons to consider an internship through PIE:

  • Gain valuable market experience.
  • Boost your resume.
  • Create a network of professionals in the industry.
  • Earn field study/independent study credit.
  • Learn from the best in the business.