Eric Mendelson, InBalance Business Services

Eric Mendelson, InBalance Business Services
Many thanks to Eric Mendelson for coming to speak to the PIE students about creating effective presentations to potential investors, and how to tailor a presentation to various investor types.

Eric began by telling us that investor presentations must be brief and conducted at a high level, only delving into details when asked. Since many investors only give you 30 minutes, you must be able to present the most important points of your company and convey exactly why you believe you can beat your competition.

He also made clear that when going to investors, you must ask for funding based on your cashflow and not your profitability measures. Even if you are in the black, you must have the right cashflow.

A PDF of his “Investor Presentation Template” can be found here (Investor Presentation Template), and is an excellent guide for anyone who must present their company to ANY group, not only investors.

Other good links to learn more about investor presentations and financing, as advised by Eric, are below:

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