A chat with Nextspace’s Jeremy Neuner

Jeremey Neuner was our guest at PIE this May, and he told us what we always wanted to hear: We will soon be taking over the world. Duh… right? But in all seriousness, by being part of the PIE program our interns have unwittingly started their personal entrepreneurial journey. As more and more Americans stay at their jobs for shorter periods of time, whether by choice or necessity, it is clear that the current generation will all be taking this journey. As Jeremy put it to us, “you (college graduates) will be entrepreneurs one day whether you like it or not. You may not be managing your own company, but you will be managing your careers and renting out your skills.”

Jeremy has grown to be an expert on the trends of the local and global economy. Trained as a NAVY officer and a Harvard graduate, he grew an acute understanding of the Santa Cruz economy as the Redevelopment Coordinator for the City of Santa Cruz. In 2008 Jeremy co-founded NextSpace, the co-working offices in downtown Santa Cruz, positioning himself at the co-helm of one of the most creative forces in the new tech economy – co-working.

Nextspace provides a space for small business and start-ups to work, be creative, and most importantly create a community. In Santa Cruz, a growing ecosystem of tech start-ups have blossomed around Nextspace. In the battle of technological evolution vs. people evolution, and social connection vs. disconnection, Jeremy argues that many people are “hungry for genuine community.”

We discussed the diverging trend being the current job market and the job market of the previous generation. The idea of the previous generation, working for the same company your whole career, has past. Success in our generation will come with managing your career like you would a start-up company, and building up a resume of transferable skills. It will allow us to choose where we want to live, and what community we want to be apart of. By actively managing our own careers, we each become entrepreneurs in charge of our own world. Thus, we will soon be taking over.

So to the new generation of college graduates, the question is how will you take control of your career, and where will you find your community?

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