PIE is currently looking for speakers to join us this Fall and contribute to our speaker series.

The PIE Speaker series brings in local companies, executives, non-profits and entrepreneurs to talk about their experience in starting and scaling a business or about their particular area of expertise. Each week has a different topic that benefit students from a wide range of interests. Past topics have included IP law and Tech Transfer, raising money for nonprofits, how to raise venture capital, and lessons on bootstrapping a start-up.

If you are a professional looking to inspire our PIE students, we encourage you to contact us here. We would love to get in touch with you and fit you into our upcoming speaker series.

Some of the Benefits for Speakers

  • Meet future interns
  • First dibs on the best interns
  • Help the community
  • Gain valuable contacts
  • Some of the Benefits for Students

  • Get valuable contacts towards their career goals
  • Things you learn at the Speaker series will get you a job because you will have something more to talk about in interviews
  • A leg up in getting into a very competitive internship program.
  • Meet other students who are as driven as you
  • Possiblity to get your name in the local papers that continue to write about the PIE’s successes