Success Stories

Aditya Bandi, Ketera/Readron

Aditya got a full time position as an Associate Product Manager working in Ketera’s Product Management group. He’s currently stationed at the Reardon office in Bangalore, India, at his request, where in his spare time he’s working on a book on corruption.

Courtney Achee, City of Santa Cruz

Courtney has been very successful in promoting the “What’s Next” lectures to UCSC students. Her goal for the on‐campuslecture was 100 students, created a detailed outreach strategy, and she had 150 students in attendance. Her other big project has been helping Mayor Coonerty research his “state of the city” speech. Her research tasks include assisting the breakdown of the general 20 year plan into smaller 5 to 10 year goals, and researching various examples across to country to assist Ryan’s goals.

Michael C. Brook, Talk Addict

Founded in 2008, TalkAddict was created to connect various social networks and software applications to mobile users using the most common and fastest growing form of data transfer in the mobile world, text messaging. Michael uses the PIE as a home base and in Winter 2010 hired his first employee.

Colin Mark-Griffin

After preparing a research analysis on ocean energy techniques, Colin’s work was parlayed by Professor Michael Issacson into a federal earmark proposal and he worked directly with the School of Engineering to make the proposal a reality. Currently, Colin is a Trading Associate at Welton Investment Corporation in Monterrey.

Alexander Frangis, ScratchSpace Inc. / NextSpace

After interning as the NextSpace Operations intern in Fall 2009 and moving the facilities print sharing to Ubuntu as well as implementing an open source project management system, Alex was hired by ScratchSpace Inc. a local Linux and VoIP shop.

Michele Goldsworthy,

Michele, after working as a PIE intern for the Department of Economic Development and Redevelopment, where she worked on website maintainence and programming secured a position doing WordPress and plugin programming.

James Barsimantov, Ph.D., Ecoshift Consulting

James and his two cohosts are both involved in the SEED program at UCSC and have started an ecological consulting firm that is helping NASA and Joint Venture with lifecycle analysis of the NASA / Unimodal project called SkyTran. They use the PIE as a meeting space and resource. James also lectures at the University.

Aaron Greene, Ask Our Techs

Aaron’s business, which was formed as part of the UCSC business plan competition uses the PIE as it’s home base. A continuing concern, Ask Our Techs provides support for the New Tech Meetup and helped to coordinate the Green Business Camp in Fall 2009.

Dmitry Kogan, Shane & Peter

In Spring 2009, Dimitry interned with Shane&Peter Inc. developing the international branding for Freelance Camp, a one day unconference helping people quit working by themselves and start working for themselves. Dimitry took his work in international marketing and parlayed it into a post-graduation internship at Microsoft in Bangalore, India. In Winter 2010, he returned to the states and is working in the technology industry in Los Angeles.